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Tor Submissions Guidelines

How do you submit a science fiction or fantasy novel proposal to TOR, one of the top publishers in both genre? This is the link to their submission guidelines, though my editor suggests that instead of addressing it to a particular person, you address it to either SF Editor or Fantasy Editor. Having a person's name on it won't change the way the submission is handled, she assures me, except perhaps to slow it down. They have a regular system for reading submission packages, and if you address it to an individual who happens to be busy or out of town, your submission might languish longer than necessary.

Notice that TOR considers the chapters-and-outline to be a submission. That means you can only send it on an exclusive basis. You can't send it to multiple publishers at once. This is a change from when I was starting out - in those days, the partial-and-outline were considered a query, and you could send it to everybody at the same time, only submitting the whole manuscript when asked for it.

Tor Submissions Guidelines

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