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Former Boot Campers Published

John Brown

"Boot camp turned everything around for me," says John Brown, who just received a very nice, three-book deal from Tor. His debut as a novelist includes the forthcoming epic fantasies from Tor: Servant of a Dark God, Curse of a Dark God, and Dark God's Glory. The first in the series should appear in the summer of 2009.

During the 2002 boot camp, Brown learned a number of critical things about the creative process that had eluded him for years. On the last day of the boot camp, he made a goal to finish a number of novels in 5 years and sell one of them. Before the boot camp he couldn't finish anything. Afterwards Brown consistently produced and 5˝ years later made his sale.

Says Brown, "Scott Card will deny playing any role in what I learned, but that's only to keep his head from growing so large he can't walk straight. The fact is, the boot camp employed a number of critical principles that maximize learning. Yes, it was the right time for me to learn what I needed to. But it wouldn't have happened without Scott's excellent instruction and facilitation of the workshop."

You can read more about Brown's breaking-in story and be updated on his novels at www.johndbrown.com

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