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Former Boot Campers Published

Scott Roberts

Former Bootcamper Scott Roberts won second place in the 2004 third-quarter Writers of the Future contest for his novella "Blackberry Witch." Our congratulations. Anybody who can think of talking to a ghost in a mason jar understands storytelling.

Here's what Scott Roberts had to say:

"I'm utterly elated.

"The story deals with a witch trying to put her life back together after her divorce. She and her familiar resolve to hunt down a wizard with the magic to reshape their desperate lives. But when that magic turns out to be housed in the body of a nine-year old child, they must wrestle with the price that their desires will exact.

"Did I mention I'm excited about this? The idea for the story came to me as I drove home to Virginia from Boot Camp. I developed it using a lot of the tools you spoke about at Boot Camp-- outlining, wise reading, etc. The most difficult part of writing this piece was the editing -- I cut and shuffled away about 1500 words, and tightened the plot. It was like being forced to trim my fingernails too short. But I can't argue with the results!

"Again-- thanks very much for Boot Camp. The skills I learned there have been invaluable in getting published."

And thanks for the testimonial, Scott. But the Boot Camp teaches only the lessons you're ready to learn - and then apply in your writing. The credit belongs to you!

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