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S.D. Smith
S.D. Smith, who sat under the instruction of Uncle Orson in 2006 at SVU, has met with some success. His short story serial, The Fledge Chronicles, has been sold and is being published by a regional magazine. Smith is seeking a publisher for his debut novel. He operates a popular blog at www.sdsmith.net and contributes regularly to The Rabbit Room (www.rabbitroom.com), an Inklings-inspired, on-line, public house. He credits Card's influence.

"The chance to listen to Orson Scott Card expound on writing for that length of time is priceless. If you are a serious writer, or want to be, it is well worth the price. Nothing has been more helpful to me in learning the craft of writing, and few things have been as inspirational and encouraging. You leave thinking, 'I can do this.' Then you do it." (www.sdsmith.net)

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