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Links to OSC Related Sites

Other Forums, Chat Rooms and Clubs
The Outlaws' Ender Forum
The Philotic Web an Ender's Game fan site.
Unofficial OSC Mailing List
Ender's Game MOO.
Speaker for the Dead MOO.

The following are other sites about or relating to Orson Scott Card

English Sites
Website of a major fan of OSC's work
Elizabeth Spencer
Martin Burcombe
Adam Dann & Scott Hanson
Joel Hoekstra
John Hunter
Casey Rollins

Spanish Sites
Luis Ager Alcaraz

Dutch Sites
Kees Buis

Israeli Sites
Israel Online - Sci-fi

Speak Russian? Check out works by Orson Scott Card, as well as many other writers, available on the net for those to whom the Cyrillic alphabet makes sense.

Other Sites Published by Orson Scott Card

IGMS Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show
Nauvoo A Gathering Place for Latter-day Saints.
The Ornery American Including: The Ornery American Sports Writer by Chris Bellamy.
Strong Verse An Online Poetry Magazine
Starshine and Shadows Essays by Michael Collings.

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