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Brian McClellan

Brian knew from high school that he wanted to write epic fantasy for a living. He started college in 2004 at Brigham Young University. While his major was English, he put all his efforts and studies into both the process and the business of creative writing. He was mentored by Brandon Sanderson, taking Brandon's class on writing science fiction and fantasy a number of times.

In 2006, Brian attended Orson Scott Card's Literary Bootcamp. The Bootcamp gave him variety and direction, teaching him valuable skills to use with his writing.

Promise of Blood, his first novel, sold along with two unfinished sequels at auction in 2012 to Orbit Books. It is a second world epic fantasy set in the Napoleonic time period when the age of kings is abruptly brought to its end by revolution. Revolution brings war, and with it rumblings that gods of old -- long thought myth by modern man -- have returned to lands they once called their own.

Promise of Blood is set to debut from Orbit Books in April of 2013.

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