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From time to time during the school year students choose to write papers about the works of OSC. Posted here are materials developed over the years that might avoid needless duplication of efforts. We appreciate the authors and publishers of the previously published material that appears here for their kindness in giving us permission to reprint it. Students - please be sure and cite the sources appropriately.


This area is just for you. We have included discussion questions for Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow which were developed by OSC's publisher. We also have submissions from some generous teachers who have been kind enough to share some of their teaching ideas with us.

We want to hear from you! Please share with us ideas that have worked for you in your classroom. To send your ideas fill out this form.

Great book for teachers - Orson Scott Card: Writer of the Terrible Choice by Edith S. Tyson. Published by Scarecrow Press for their Scarecrow Series in Young Adult Literature. Look for it in your library or order it from the Hatrack Store.

For OSC's answers to writing questions go to Uncle Orson's Writing Class

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