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Dear students:

Remember that in quoting from internet sources like this, you need to give proper citation. If you quote from one of the reprinted articles or interviews, you need to cite the original source. This includes looking up the actual page numbers in the original publication.

If you quote from someone's paper, cite the source by the name of the author of the paper, the title of the paper in quotes, and WWW.HATRACK.COM as if it were the book or magazine in which the paper appeared.

If you quote something said by Orson Scott Card, as quoted in one of these papers, articles, or interviews, then cite it as: Orson Scott Card, quoted in Author Name, "Title," (WWW.Hatrack.Com or Original Source Publication).

If you quote something said by Orson Scott Card directly on this website (for instance, the Statement of Beliefs), then cite Orson Scott Card as the author, "Statement of Beliefs" as the title, and WWW.HATRACK.COM as the source publication.

And in case there's some wayward, ethically challenged student who thinks it would be cool to simply copy one of these items and turn it in as his own, think again, dear soul: Your teacher can get on the internet and find this site as easily as you!

If you have a question that isn't answered by the material here, then feel free to write to Mr. Card with your question, and we will try to get the answer to you in a timely fashion. In all likelihood, we will post your question and the answer in the Research Area.

And if you have written a paper about Orson Scott Card or one of his works, or in which he or a work of his is discussed, we'd love to have you send it to us. Not all the papers we receive will be posted online, of course, but we do keep an archive of papers written about OSC, and we'd be very pleased to have yours, either in electronic form (Inquire at the Help Desk to find out how to submit a paper by email) or on paper (mail to PO Box 18184, Greensboro NC 27419-8184).

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