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Worst Directors of All Time

If you have ever done a good job of directing a good film, you can't get on this list:

Chris Columbus

Everything he touches turns to plastic. My worst film nightmare: "Great news! They'll fund 'Ender's Game,' now that Chris Columbus says he'll direct it." And yes, I would say no. There isn't that much money in the world.

Barbara Streisand

See my diatribe on Yentl. And remember the utter selfishness of her direction in Prince of Tides, where she takes the camera away from Nolte in his climactic scenes and puts it lingeringly on her own pretty little face doing an endless "take." All that crap about how her movies must have "directed themselves" when she isn't nominated for directing Oscars? She doesn't get nominated because the directors know she's the director's worst nightmare -- an actor who has the power to call all the shots. What she is not is a film director, as her body of work clearly demonstrates.

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